Are you fast enough, and nimble enough to claim the title of “Chief Cat Cuddler“?

Flip the card, grab the cat meeples, and start building your stack of kitties.

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Ages Sands of Time Tabletop Players
6+ 3-15 mins 2-8

Fast-paced dexterity fun for children and adults alike. Flip over a card, and all the players race to stack the Kittins as quickly as possible to match the card exactly.

Optional team rules add even more fun.

A great game to carry around and bring out when you need a quick game to play

What’s in the tin?

  • 48 wooden cat pieces
  • 20 cards
  • Instruction

dora says

Meow! Purrrrrr!

Helping to tackle Social Isolation

Dice and Balls CIC uses all its profits to organize and run Board Game events and Circus Skills Workshops for the local community. We believe that playing games is one of the best ways to bring people together and let them interact with each other in a safe and friendly environment.

Minimum Players


Maximum Players


Time to Play

5 to 15 minutes

Age Group


Box Dimensions

‎33 x 84 x 129 mm


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