Pass the Pigs


Experience endless laughter and friendly competition with Pass the Pigs, the classic dice game that adds a whimsical twist to traditional gameplay. Roll two adorable plastic piglets to determine your fate—will you Pig Out or hit the jackpot with a Double Snouter? Perfect for family gatherings, travel, or parties, this addictive game guarantees fast-paced fun. Packaged in a sturdy case with a notepad and pencils, Pass the Pigs is a portable delight for all ages. Elevate your game nights and create lasting memories with every roll. Roll the pigs, catch the fun, try your luck with Pass the Pigs today!

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Roll the Pigs, Catch the Fun

Two chubby, rosy piglets nestled in your hand. What’s your plan for them? Roll, of course!

The positioning of these little porkers will determine if you reign as the top hog! Are you bound for a feast with Pigging Out, or perhaps you’ll be busy Makin’ Bacon? Only the pigs hold the secret!

Pass the Pigs is a classic dice game where you toss two plastic pigs like dice. Will you hit the jackpot with a Double Snouter, or risk losing it all with a Pig Out? The pigs are engineered to land in various poses, making it an ideal travel or party game—addictive, fast-paced, and enjoyable for the whole family.

Packaged in a durable case, the game includes a scorepad, two pencils, and instructions for gameplay. Whether you’re on holiday, at home, or exploring new places, this game is easy to stow away for future fun.

Take as many chances as you dare but be cautious—more throws increase the odds of landing an unlucky position and resetting all the way back to zero!

Test your luck with Pass the Pigs.

What’s in the box?

  • 2 x pigs
  • Scorepad
  • 2 x pencils
  • Travel case
  • Rules

Zoe says

“I have happy memories of playing Pass the Pigs. It’s a must-have for my collection!”

Helping to tackle Social Isolation

Dice and Balls CIC uses all its profits to organize and run Board Game events and Circus Skills Workshops for the local community. We believe that playing games is one of the best ways to bring people together and let them interact with each other in a safe and friendly environment.


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