Dragons of all shapes, sizes, and colours roam the skies. It’s down to you to build the best sanctuary possible for them.

A standalone game for 1 to 5 players

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Ages Sands of Time Tabletop Players
14+ 90 mins 1-5

Wingspan Game

You are an amateur draconologist in the world of Wyrmspan, a place where dragons of all shapes, sizes, and colours roam the skies. Excavate a hidden labyrinth you recently unearthed on your land and entice these beautiful creatures to roost in the sanctuary of your caves.

During a game of Wyrmspan, you will build a sanctuary for dragons of all shapes and sizes. Your sanctuary begins with 3 excavated spaces—the leftmost space in your Crimson Cavern, your Golden Grotto, and your Amethyst Abyss. Over the course of the game, you will excavate additional spaces in your sanctuary and entice dragons to live there, chaining together powerful abilities and earning the favour of the Dragon Guild.

This standalone game is inspired by the core mechanisms of Wingspan by Elizabeth Hargrave. However, it incorporates more than 16 new elements, making it more challenging than Wingspan.

What’s in the box?

This is a heavy box! The main components include

  • 1 x Dragon Guild Board
  • 4 x Double-sided Dragon Guild tiles
  • 183 x Dragon Cards
  • 75 x Cave Cards
  • 1 x card display board
  • 1 x Round tracker board
  • 10 x Double-sided objective cards
  • 5 x Player mats
  • 10 x Double-sided quick start guides
  • 1 x Score pad
  • 45 x Silver Coins
  • 25 x Meat tokens
  • 25 x Gold tokens
  • 25 x Crystal tokens
  • 25 x Milk tokens
  • 55 x Eggs
  • 20 x Multiplier tokens
  • 1 x Round marker
  • 1 x Start player marker
  • 5 x Adventurers
  • 40 x Player markers
  • 5 x Guild Tokens
  • 1 x Multiplayer Rules
  • 1 x Solo Rules

Zoe says

Wingspan has long been one of my all-time favourite games. Could Wyrmspan take the crown?

Helping to tackle Social Isolation

Dice and Balls CIC uses all its profits to organize and run Board Game events and Circus Skills Workshops for the local community. We believe that playing games is one of the best ways to bring people together and let them interact with each other in a safe and friendly environment.


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